Update-The Son Snoop Dogg Refuses To Claim Publicly Is Now Hanging Out With His Brother Cordell Broadus (pic)

Last year we interviewed Snoop Dogg‘s son Julian Broadus after he contacted us regarding his relationship with his father Snoop Dogg. Julian is Snoop’s real son and the two never really had a strong relationship like Julian wanted. Julian told us that although his father paid for child-support he wasn’t there physically due to Snoop messing with his mother while Snoop was still with Boss Lady. Snoop follows Julian on Instagram but Snoop has yet to claim his son publicly. Soon after our interview with Julian we noticed Julian and Snoop’s cousin Daz got together…


A post shared by Julian Broadus (@broadus.julian) on

Julian continued to reach out to his father through social media by posting his father

….Royalty inside my DNA πŸ—£

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Julian expressed publicly that he doesn’t see eye to eye with Snoop Dogg or his mother but he loves both of them

Despite his strained relationship with his father Julian seems to be building a relationship with his brother Cordell Broadus…

Til this day Snoop has refused to acknowledge Julian publicly and just a few days ago Snoop Dogg tagged all his kids but Julian

We pray one day Julian and Snoop can come together and have the relationship Julian wants.

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