Chile… these receipts on Wendy Williams’ husband and his side chick is too much; The girl has an engagement ring & might be pregnant! (receipts)

Wendy Williams’ husband is straight up disrespecting his wife in public for his side chick of 10 years. More receipts got released on Wendy’s husband today and it looks like Wendy’s husband has clearly moved on to his side chick full time. Wendy’s husband and the side chick share a home now & we hear she may be pregnant. To make things even more odd, Wendy’s husband’s side chick has a big engagement ring that she wears publicly. Wendy spoke on the affair on her show saying how she is unbothered by the receipts but we hear she’s about to file a divorce due to the husband cheating which is making her look horrible in the media allegedly. See receipts below….

Side chick/ finance getting out the car Wendy Williams ride in to work

Wendy getting into the Same Bentley truck

Kevin getting out the same truck

Side chick/finance rocking an engagement ring

The house the side chick share with Kevin

We pulled the receipts & they have the same address

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