The Real Reason Rapper The Game Was Off Social Media So Long Is Because He Got A 15 Year Old Pregnant & The Two Are Figuring It Out Allegedly

Update 9:37pm 10/19/2017- The Game and his manager tells us that girl is lying and that they never met her. The Game’s manager tells FAMEOLOUS that girl photoshopped them in a conversation with her. The Game’s manager says the girl has no proof of having any baby and she doesn’t have a birth certificate. FAMEOLOUS also learned the girl’s auntie recently had a baby. Many people believe the auntie is the mother to the child the girl is claiming her. FAMEOLOUS cannot confirm this information but we want people to know all sides of the story.

The Game got a 15 year old pregnant in the UK allegedly. For months the rumor has been circulating about him getting the girl pregnant but no one had any receipts. Today, we spoke to the young girl and she confirmed that she just had the baby. The girl claims The Game got her pregnant but he didn’t know she was 15 years old. The girl tells us that she was in a club that required an I.D showing at-least the age of 18. The girl says she had a fake I.D and got in so The Game didn’t have a clue she was a kid. Check out our conversation below….

The 15/16 year old who just had a baby by @losangelesconfidential allegedly.

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